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CHASE Press Release - 18-06-09
Oral Hearing Closing Summations Heard Today

After a five week Oral Hearing, An Bord Pleanala Inspector Oznur Yucel-Finn heard closing submissions from Community Representatives, Statutory Bodies, Indaver and CHASE.

Chairperson Mary O'Leary and Solicitor Joe Noonan summed up on behalf of CHASE. Their closing statements reflected the level of opposition to the proposed incinerator, and the multiple levels on which the proposal fails good planning criteria.

In her summation, Mary O'Leary, CHASE Chairperson said, "This proposal fails on every level - it is the wrong site, the wrong technology, there's no need for it, and no one wants it. The site is fundamentally unsuitable for the proposed incinerator, and no amount of engineering can correct this fact."

Ms O'Leary outlined how:
- It is the Wrong Site - Indaver have failed to respect the rules of the WHO, the site dismally fails 5, and arguable fails 13 out of 14 WHO site selection criteria for Hazardous Waste Incinerators. (see Furthermore, it is too close to the Maritime College, and the site soil structure is fundamentally unsuitable for a project of this size.

- It is the Wrong Technology - Government Policy has changed and no longer favours incineration, instead focusing on MBT, alternative technologies, introducing landfill and incineration levies.

- No Need for it - Cork County Council don't need it to meet their landfill diversion targets, Cork City Council don't need it to meet their landfill diversion targets, and the County Architect is seriously concerned abut visual impact, saying the site is too small, and proposal too large.

- No One Wants it - The proposal is not consistant with the Cork County Development Plan. Not one submission was made in support of this proposal, 30,000 people objected to the original proposal. Its nearest neighbours, the student body, have said they don't want it. Medical, tourism, farming, food and political interests have been unanimous in their opposition to this proposal, compounded by evidence presented at the hearing from the Health Service Authority Chief Emergency Officer - that distances regarded as safe by Indaver would fall within the emergency services danger zone.

Nick Loughnane, speaking on behalf of Cork Environmental Alliance summed up the sentiment of the community with the question "What purpose can be achieved by defeating a community defending their homeplace."

A decision on the application is expected by 31st October, 2009.

A title summary of Press Releases from the hearing is available on homepage


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