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Hazardous Waste

Please note the following is part of a list of "Hazardous Waste Types" that Indaver has requested permission from EPA to burn/store in Ringaskiddy; and it is hundreds of tonnes worth of each these. It also notes that the list of codes is not exhaustive, "and other waste types may be accepted at the facility".

Waste oils Hydraulic oils, oil/water mixtures and waste fuels
Oil filters Oil filters from cars and machinery/plant
Asbestos Insulation materials and construction materials containing asbestos
Wood preservation waste Organic and inorganic wood preservative wastes
Agrochemical wastes Waste chemical for the treatment of animals. - sheep dip and louse powder 
Infectious Healthcare Waste Wastes from the treatment, diagnosis or prevention of disease in animals or humans
Paint, inks, adhesives and resins  Obsolete paints and inks and paint related material
Batteries and accumulators Lead batteries
Florescent tubes and other mercury-containing waste  
Latex and rubber solutions  
Electronic and electrical waste  
Waste packaging absorbents, filters and protective clothing  
Wastes from chemical surface treatment of metals and other materials  
Wastes from waste management facilities and the water industry  
Wastes from the mining industry Wastes from mineral excavation and from the physical and chemical processing of minerals
Meat and bone meal Meat and bone meal/specified risk material from the rendering of animals
Other agricultural and food processing wastes Materials unsuitable for consumption or processing or other wastes from the dairy or food processing industries 
Wastes from the leather, fur and textile industries  
Inorganic metal containing wastes from metal treatment and the coating of metals and non-ferrous hydrometallurgy  
Wastes from organic substances used as solvents Solvents and mixtures containing halogenated and non-halogenated solvents and CFCs
Wastes from treatment facilities, off-site waste water treatment plants and the water industry Boiler ash, fly ash, waste from water treatment plants and wastes from the preparation of water
Municipal wastes and similar commercial, industrial and institutional wastes including separately collected fractions

Solvents, acids, alkalines, pesticides, paints, inks, adhesives, resins, detergents containing dangerous substances, cytotoxic and cytostatic medicines and waste electrical and electronic equipment



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