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EPA Oral Hearing

In October, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) issued a draft licence for TWO
incinerators at Ringaskiddy. An Oral Hearing into objections to the licence began on Monday 14th February 2005 and concluded on Tuesday March 1st.

Click here for media reports on the Oral Hearing. Click here for CHASE press releases.

Public participation
The hearing was open to the public, who both made submissions and questioned witnessed.

Objector participation
Fifteen objections were received by the EPA, from the parties listed below. Most parties presented their objections at the Oral Hearing.

  • Dan Boyle T.D. (Green Party)
  • Cork Environmental Alliance
  • East Cork for a Safe Environment
  • Ringaskiddy and District Resident Association Ltd.
  • Cobh Action for Clean Air
  • Kinsale Environment Watch
  • Carrigaline Area for a Safe Environment
  • CHASE (City group)
  • CHASE (Monkstown/Passage West Group)
  • Passage West Town Council
  • Cork Harbour Alliance for a Safe Environment
  • Monkstown Bay Sailing Club & Monkstown Amenity Association
  • An Taisce (Dublin)
  • An Taisce (Cork)
  • Indaver Ireland (the applicant)

EPA participation
The board of directors of the Environmental Protection Agency rejected calls to attend the Hearing (RTE, 14/02/05).

Though it is the EPA that has drawn up and will issue the licence, and although it is the EPA's licence that was being objected to, no one from the EPA attended the Hearing to answer questions, explain the rationale for the licence or clarify licence conditions.

The Hearing was chaired by Dr. Jonathan Derham, Senior Inspector in the Office of Licensing and Guidance, EPA.

Useful links

EPA Draft Licence (Licence no. 186-1)

CHASE submission to EPA (outlines the principal flaws, errors and areas of concern in the licence application - most of these are not taken account of in the draft licence).

EPA - what you should know

The EPA said it is satisfied that the incinerator would not endanger human health or harm the environment. But, let’s be under no illusion about the EPA:

  • It admits that there is no system here to routinely monitor the health of people living near incinerators.
  • It has no in-house medical expert and did not seek the advice of an outside expert before granting the draft licence.
  • The Indaver project manager who was responsible for the Waste Licence Application has left the employ of Indaver and is now an EPA director.
  • It has only once refused a licence to a company that has planning permission.

In addition, the EPA’s own document on Climate Change advised that development should be curtailed in areas at risk of erosion and flooding from more frequent storm weather conditions. Cork Harbour was specifically identified as being under threat.


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