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Meath Chronicle - 19-03-05
Anti-incineration view from Cork

(Editor, Meath Chronicle)

Dear sir - The EPA is holding an oral hearing about the proposed incinerator for Carranstown. The people of Meath and Louth may be surprised to find that they will not meet the EPA, but a representative from the board.

They will not be able to raise their concerns or ask questions as the EPA does not see this as part of its role - it sees itself as a benign information gatherer.

The EPA does not come back to the community to let it know how it reached its decision (or if the community’s input was included).

At first glance, this may seem may seem reasonable, but the EPA has only ever refused to grant one licence, so how information is included or not in the decision-making process is vital if that process is to have any credibility.

Ireland is not a heavily industrialised country and does not have a large population. We have come to the waste management issue late but already the public has shown its willingness to recycle.

The local authorities are still playing catch-up, but better to take time now to implement waste plans properly as that will allow us to determine what our waste management requirements will be for the future.

Otherwise we will be letting a Belgium company decide this major infrastructure matter for us.

Indaver is a contract incineration company here to sell us incineration. Its job is to make money for its Belgium owners.

We must support the communities faced with unwelcome incinerators. It is Meath and Ringaskiddy today, but if we do not support them democracy is undermined. Communities do not want these facilities, whatever their political masters say. There is a growing body of medical evidence documenting the health problems associated with living near incineration plants.

The people rejected nuclear power in the 70s and that was government policy. Its time again for us to speak out - contract incineration is unsafe, unnecessary and unwelcome anywhere in Ireland.

Yours sincerely,

Gort na fleur,
High Road,
Cobh,Co cork.


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