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Let’s not be a magnet for dirty industries

AHERN of Indaver (Irish Examiner letters, November 11), in reply to Robert Ellis (Letters, November 6) says Mr Ellis is incorrect in stating that incineration is a threat to human health, our food supply and our environment.

Given that the Irish Doctors Environmental Association have voiced their concern about such developments and that some companies using milk for product manufacture have refused to take milk from a 40km radius of incinerators, I doubt that Mr Ahern could prove that incineration does not pose a threat.

Quoting the EPA as a body of support would not be very wise given their track record.

Mr Ahern states that Ireland needs incineration to attract inward investment and create jobs. What planet is he living on? Incineration only attracts dirty industries, which we don’t want. Ireland’s tourism and agriculture will be devastated if incineration is allowed to go ahead.

Jobs created by incineration would be minuscule compared to the number that could be created by proper recycling.

Larry McCarthy
Safer Urban, Rural Environment
Co Kilkenny

Irish Examiner - 18/11/04


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