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Experts support us, says incineration firm

ROGER ELLIS (Irish Examiner letters, November 6) is incorrect in a number of his statements.

Our Ringaskiddy facility is for waste generated in Ireland, not for “European waste”, as he claimed. Incineration is not a threat to human health, our food supply or our environment.

The World Health Organisation, the Food Safety Authority and the Irish Environmental Protection Agency support this fact. This is also supported by their respected counterparts in almost every other European country.

Ireland urgently needs its own incineration capacity to help attract inward investment and provide jobs.

The need for this facility is supported by IBEC, Cork Chamber of Commerce, the Institution of Engineers in Ireland and Pharmachemical Ireland, the representative body of the largely Cork-based pharmaceutical and chemical industries of Ireland.

Mr Ellis is mistaken to say that Indaver has breached environmental controls on “countless occasions”. Indaver has an excellent reputation and a high level of compliance with the stringent standards that relate to proper waste management. We are completely open about our operations and have never damaged the environment or impacted on public health.

We agree with one comment in Mr Ellis’s letter - it is time “Ireland grew up and changed with the times”.

It is time Ireland dealt with its own waste and stopped going cap-in-hand to our European neighbours asking them to deal with our waste. We’re better than that.

John Ahern
Indaver Ireland
4 Haddington Terrace
Dun Laoghaire
Co Dublin

Irish Examiner - 11/11/04


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