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10/02/05 - Irish Examiner
Two-tier approach to incinerator sites

THE Taoiseach recently announced from China that he will push through legislation to fast track incineration all over the country, but not in Justice Minister Michael McDowell’s constituency.

Why? Do we not live in a democracy? Are we reverting to a two-tier society? Why is this Government hell-bent on incineration?

Why won’t they even contemplate an alternative? In an era when global warming is of major concern and the Government (sorry, the taxpayer) has to pay €250 million in fines for pollution emissions, why are they going to further our emissions by building incinerators?

We know that our fossil fuels and our natural resources are running out. We should (sorry, we have to) ensure that everything we do is sustainable.

Believe me, incinerators are not sustainable; in fact they are the opposite. They destroy natural resources and create toxic emissions along with toxic residue, thus creating further health and landfill problems.

Larry McCarthy
SURE Group
Co Kilkenny.


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