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Accidents and Dioxin Contaminations

Here are accounts of just some accidents at incinerator plants, emission breaches
and dioxin scares.

Fire at Tiru incinerator in Issy-Les-Moulineaux, Paris (March 2010)
According to, the Tiru incinerator in Issy-Les-Moulineaux, a suburb on the southwest outskirts of Paris, was in the process of being dismantled when a fire started yesterday in some demolition debris.

A fire in March 2006, when it was first closed, destroyed one of its two smokestacks. A new incinerator has taken its place and, according to CNIID, its air pollution control equipment also includes "plume suppression" equipment and a low profile smokestack to avoid drawing attention to itself. The fire serves as a dramatic reminder that the new incinerator is still there and continues as a long term pollution source. - Press Release CNIID.
Video footage   Le Parisien

Irish Pork Dioxin Scare - October 2008
Discovery of minute traces of Dioxin in animal feed led to the collapse of the Irish pork industry, costing the country 100s of millions of Euros. The Food Safety Authority says that there is no safe limit of Dioxin in food.

Apex, Carolina - Fire at hazardous waste facility - October 2006
Fire and ensuing explosions at a hazardous waste facility in Carolina result in evacuation of thousands of residents and hospitalisation of scores more. Waste storage permit subsequently suspended.
CNN   The News & Observer

Dioxin scare - February 2006
China and Taiwan ban pork from three European countries over dioxin scare.
Channel News Asia   Reuters

Chropyne, Czech Republic - Toxic emissions from fire in hazardous waste incinerator
A major fire at a hazardous waste incinerator started November 14th 2004. People warned to stay inside, if possible, and to keep windows closed, because of escaping toxic gases. A temperature inversion keeps fumes trapped low over town. Read more

Campana, Argentina & El Dorado, Arkansas - Two incinerator accidents in 7 weeks
Explosion at hazardous waste incinerator (Nov 2004) in Argentina kills one operator and injures five firemen. A fire at a hazardous waste incineration plant in El Dorado, Arkansas (2 Jan, 2005) required evacuation of 1,500 people
CHASE Press Release   More Information (Arkansas)   More Information (Campana)    Photos

Gilly-sur-Isère, France - Senior French officials face toxins inquiry
5 French officials (incuding the. local mayor) under formal examination for "poisoning, deliberately endangering the lives of others, involuntary injury and manslaughter" in relation to incinerator emissions. Read more

Dundee - Incinerator breaches limits 19 times in 2 months
An incinerator at Baldovie in Scotland, which came into operation in 1999, breached its safety limits 18 times between April 20 and May 28, 2001 and has experienced a number of fires. Read more and more.

Dioxin scare 2004
More than 160 farms closed in the Netherlands and Belgium after dioxin found in dairy products. Read more

Belgian dioxin scare 1999
The Belgium ‘dioxin crisis’ of 1999 provides a salutary lesson. The Belgian food industry was badly damaged when high levels of dioxin were discovered in eggs and chickens and traced back to dioxin contaminated animal feed. Import bans by countries worldwide included chicken, eggs,
meat, and any products containing eggs or milk. The Belgian government estimated the cost of the crisis at €465 million.

Naples, Italy - Hundreds of cattle seized after dioxin tests
Police seized hundreds of head of cattle from farms in the southern region of Naples after tests showed abnormally high levels of deadly dioxin in both the animals and the soil. Read more


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