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Meath Chronicle - 04-01-06
Indaver to seek planning approval for big increase in incinerator capacity
Paul Murphy

THE company promoting the construction of an incinerator at Carranstown, Duleek, is to make a new planning application to increase the capacity of the plant to a range of 150,000 to 200,000 tonnes per year.

The application, which is expected to be submitted to Meath County Council in the coming weeks, will also include a revised layout of the facility and new design features “in line with the best practice.”

Indaver Ireland says its application to increase the plant’s capacity is being made in order to supply services for the region’s future waste management requirements. This is “in line with the proposed replacement waste management plan for the north-east,” the company said.

It received approval from An Bord Pleanala for the original planning application in March 2003. While the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) had issued a waste licence for a 150,000 tonnes per annum incinerator with energy recovery as recently as November 2005, the company says it has been seeking approval to develop an incinerator in the region since November 2000.

Jackie Keaney, project manager with Indaver Ireland, said that, in the last five years, there had been significant developments in waste management in the region. This had been reflected in the recently published proposed waste management plan for the north-east, she said.

The proposed plan outlines policy targets of 43 per cent recycling, 39 per cent energy recovery and 18 per cent landfill for the region. It also identified the need for a 150,000-200,000 tonnes per annum waste-to-energy facility to service the region’s future waste management requirements. “For this reason, the company has decided to re-apply for planning permission and review its waste licence for the proposed waste management facility.”

The new planning application will be for a 70MW incinerator with a multi-stage gas cleaning system.

“The facility will treat 150,000 to 200,000 tonnes of municipal, industrial and other combustible waste annually and will not be capable of operating in excess of 200,000 tonnes of waste per annum,” the company added in a statement.

It went on “It will be operated to EU Directive and EPA licence limits ensuring that there will be no negative impact on public health or the environment. The layout of the facility will be redesigned and relocated towards the back of then site to mitigate visual impact”.

Indaver Ireland said that the main benefits of the proposed development would be a 90 per cent reduction in the volume of waste going to landfill and the generation of 13MW of electricity, “enough to power over 19,000 tonnes annually”. The company said that the waste-to-energy facility would also contribute towards landfill diversion targets and renewable energy targets.

Pat O’Brien of the No Incineration Alliance said that the proposed planning application by Indaver “posed more questions than it gives answers.” He said that his group had not had time to study the company’s proposals in detail but would do so in the coming weeks.

“There is a lot of questions to be asked here. For instance, will Indaver be making a completely new application for the whole plant, and will it be making a new application for an EPA licence? In relation to its promise that the capacity of 200,000 tonnes a year won’t be increased, it made a similar promise in relation to the 150,000 tonnes.”

He said that it looked like Indaver was trying to change a planning permission which had not even been implemented. “We will be asking whether they intend withdrawing the original planning application, and whether they will be withdrawing their application for an EPA licence,” he said.


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