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Updated 8-sep-15

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A Bond and Beautiful evening tieing in with the 50th Anniversary of the 1st James Bond Movie. Come to support CHASE or just to have fun. See for details.

20 Oct 2012 - Indaver Arrogance is Shocking – 3rd Application Underway
See: CHASE statement, Irish Examiner, Letter, Irish Times, Speech by Jackie Keaney (Commercial Director MSW, at 9th National Waste Management Summit).

19 Oct 2012 - Indaver beat a last minute retreat from high court - Indaver have surrendered their High Court judicial review case which was listed to being on Tuesday 23rd October and scheduled to run for five days. Read more. See Irish Examiner.

10 Sept 2012 - Indaver U-TURN with new pre-application consultations a breach of trust
Indaver have surprised local residents with revelations that they are once again in ‘pre-application consultations’ with An Bord Pleanala for their Ringaskiddy site, contrary to assurances given by Indaver that whatever the final outcome of the 2008 application, the company would accept it as final. Read more.

High Court Indaver v. Bord Pleanala
The case has been listed for hearing on October 23rd 2012. Five days have been allocated to the hearing.

March 2012-More fundraising as CHASE votes for High Court representation
This decision will allow CHASE to support An Bord Pleanala which is strongly defending its planning refusal. The Boards Statement of Opposition, presented to the High Court on February 13th, 2012 strongly dismisses any breach or error in law. Read more

Nov 2011-Judicial Review of Indaver Ireland vs An Bord Pleanala and Cork County Council
Indaver Ireland are challenging the decision made by ABP in 2011 to refuse planning permission to build two incinerators in Ringaskiddy ,Co.Cork. CHASE will be present in court on 13th. Dec to support and defend the Board’s decision to refuse planning permission to Indaver Ireland. Read more

Laura Burkes Appointment Seals Cosy Cartel
09-11-11 - Today’s appointment of Laura Burke, former Project Manager with Indaver Ireland, as Director General of the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) blasts the credibility of the EPA into oblivion, and exposes continuing government allegiance to developers and industry over and above environmental protection.
Read press release  

HONEYMOON IS OVER - Indaver Ignore site Unsuitability and Go For Judicial Review
23-07-11 - Yesterdays announcement by Indaver Ireland that they are mounting a High Court challenge to An Bord Pleanala’s decision to refuse planning for their 2 incinerators at Ringaskiddy shows Indaver have no regard for good planning.
Read press release  

COMMUNITIES CELEBRATE - Permission refused after 10 year battle
10-06-11 - An Bord Pleanala have today refused permission to Indaver Ireland to build hazardous and municipal waste incinerators at Ringaskiddy, Co Cork, plans for which were initially announced by Indaver in April 2001.

Read press release, media articles, ABP decision, photos

ECJ rules against Ireland
The European Court Of Justice has rules against Ireland on foot of complaints filed By CHASE. The ruling poses a real problem for An Bord Pleanala in the Indaver Ringaskiddy incinerator case.
Read press release

HSE step up and make formal their concerns
about indaver project - CHASE Challenges Maritime College and MERC3 Partners To Protect Public Monies And Object To Incinerator Given HSE Concern
Read press release

Indaver Revised Planning Application
Submissions/observations on Indaver's revised planning application for a toxic waste incinerator in Ringaskiddy were being accepted by ABP up until February 16th 2011. Here are some of the submissions:

HSE - Health Promotion Manager
Chief Emergency Management Officer - South
HSE - Environmental Health Service
CHASE submission(1) 26-10-10
CHASE submission (2) 27-10-10
CHASE Submission (3) 14-02-11
Shane Bennett & co. Report

Media reports (Irish Examiner & Irish times)

CHASE summary and Challenges for Election Candidates

Frontline discusses incineration
On Monday 1st November, Frontline brought together community campaigners against incineraors and pylons and the companies involved.
Click here to see programme. Click here to view and make comments.

CHASE respond to Indaver application
CHASE has submitted an official response to Indaver's revised application submitted in August 2010.
Click here for submission. Click here and here for associated documents.

Cork County Council Pass Motion of Dissatisfaction at Indaver Response to An Bord Pleanala
Councillors at todays County Council Meeting (26 Oct 2010) passed a motion that Indaver Irelands revised plans do not meet any of the concerns expressed by the Council in their 2009 report to An Bord Pleanala on the applications.
Read more

Community requests for extension to 27 Oct deadline denied – Community given 6 weeks, Indaver given 6 months
Requests to An Bord Pleanala to grant an extension to community groups opposing Indavers application to build two incinerators in Ringaskiddy have been refused, despite the fact that Indaver’s requests for extra time in April 2010 were facilited with over 3 months extension until August 3 2010, on top of an initial 3 month period.
Read more

Indaver application must be treated as new
CHASE are disappointed at tactics used by Indaver Ireland who were asked by An Bord Pleanala to submit proposed mitigation measures in regard to coastal erosion and flooding at Ringaskiddy site. Instead, Indaver have sumitted a completely changed physical structure.
Read more

Ireland in EU court over planning laws breach
European Court of Justice opens hearings in significant challenge by EC to Ireland’s alleged failure to implement European planning laws. Read more

Incinerator Site Submerged Again
Burst Water Main Blocks Car Access to Haulbowline, necessitating the ferrying by truck of naval personnel to Haulbowline and leaving over 180 cars stranded on the road beside the proposed Indaver incinerator site.
Press Release

CHASE refers An Bord Pleanala to EC
CHASE has today referred the granting of yet another extension by An Bord Pleanala to Indaver Ireland to the European Commission.
Press Release     Irish Examiner

Bord Peanala to Kill Municipal Waste Incinerator but Give Second Bite of Cherry on Hazardous Waste Incinerator
Indications in a letter sent to Indaver by an Bord Pleanala are that permission will be refused for a 150,000 tonne Municipal Waste Incinerator in Ringaskiddy, but that they are considering the granting of permission for a 100,000 tonne Hazardous Waste Incinerator (for 5 years), pending submission of further information with regard to works to flooding, coastal erosion, and revised emissions.
See CHASE Press Release. See RTE News. See media reports

Hammond Lane Explosion Highlights Need For Planning Sanity
Several Units of the Firebrigade struggled for over an hour and a half to bring flames from an explosion at the Hammond Lane metalworks in Ringaskiddy under control this evening (22nd December). The Hammond Lane site is enclosed on three sides by the site on which Indaver Ireland plan to build hazardous and municipal waste incinerators.
Read press release. See RTE video. See News stories.

Incinerator Site Falls Foul Of New Flood Planning Guidelines
The proposed site for Indavers two incinerators in Ringaskiddy, Co Cork, falls foul of the statutory Flood Planning Guidelines issued yesterday (30 Nov 2009).
Read more.  See News relase and guidelines.

Indaver Incinerator Site Flooded Again
The proposed site for the Ringaskiddy incinerator flooded once again with the heavy rains in November.
Read more.  Read letters to media. See Indymedia.

Living with and learning lessons from the floods
The precautionary principle is an essential component for the future; we must be ultra cautious about placing infrastructure or housing in any areas with a flood history and be conscious that areas above the floodplain may become high risk in the future.

Extract from article by Prof John Sweeney. Read more.

  PART 2

Thur 18th June - After a five week Oral Hearing, An Bord Pleanala Inspector Oznur Yucel-Finn heard closing submissions from Community Representatives, Statutory Bodies, Indaver and CHASE. Read more.

Wed 17th June - Maritime College Lecturer Says Incinerators Will Negatively Impact College - Department of Environment Recommends Bond to Cover Ecological Restoration In Case of Accident. Read more.

Tue 16th June - Expert Estimates Incinerator Health Burden to Cost Community €150m, debunks Incinerator Efficiency, and Says Question Mark Hangs Over Bottom Ash Classification. Read more.

Mon 15th June - Distances Claimed As Safe In Application Will Be Regarded By Emergency Response Agencies As Well Inside Danger Zone. Read more.

Thur 11th June - Epidemiologist Says EIS Should Be Withdrawn Due to Plagiarism. Ireland Still Not Equipped To Monitor Human Health. Read more.

Wed 10th June - CIT Students Union President Corrects Indaver And Hammers Home Objection. An Taisce claims the site location at Ringaskiddy as “wholly unsuitable”. Read more.

Tue 9th June - Leading Toxico-Pathologist Says No Filtering on Incinerators for Unregulated Deadly Nanoparticles. Prof C Vyvyan challenges incinerator risk study. Read more.

Mon 8th June - Oral Hearing resumes at Cork International Airport Hotel. CHASE Chairperson Says Incinerator Wrong On Every Level. David Stanton, TD, Outlines Government Policy Changes. Read more.

  PART 1

Thurs 14th May - Hydrogeological Expert Says Site On Most Vulnerable Coast In Ireland - Coastal Erosion Will Eventually Undermine Incinerator Structure - Office Of Public Works Confirm Site Vulnerability. Read more.

Wed 13th May - Cork Auctioneer says Incinerator development will effect property prices. Read more.

Tue 12th May - Dutch Paediatrician Warns Of Dioxin Damage At Low Doses - Top UCC Professor Speaks Out for People of Cobh - Midwives Warn of Danger to Breast Fed Babies. Read more.

Mon 11th May - City and Council Engineers concur that there is no need for proposed incinerators at Ringaskiddy. Both Councils are on target to meet landfill diversion targets without recourse to incineration. Read more.

Does Ireland need to build incinerators?
"The conclusion that Community waste legislation obliges or will oblige Member States to build incinerators is, however, incorrect, and appears to be a misinterpretation of the obligations to properly manage the Irish waste." - EU Commission Q&A. Read more.

iNDAVER Ireland has lodged an application for TWO new incinerators in Cork Harbour - their original permission for ONE incinerator having recently expired.

See CHASE submission to An Bord Pleanala re planning application. Also see call for submissions.

Dr. Dominic Hogg addresses EPA Conference
Sept. '07 - CHASE welcomes this initiative and hopes it marks the beginning of a process to look seriously at Ireland’s waste management requirements for the next 20 years. Read more

Alternatives to incineration ARE available
April '07 - Report by Dr. Dominic Hogg (for Greenstar) claims that State has failed to consider alternatives to incineration. Read more

Energy from Waste - the Myths Debunked
Haulbowline Island Toxic waste health issues website and blog -Integrated Information Resource for Cork Harbour

Haulbowline Cleanup Update - Nov 2011
See also Haulbowline Project, Cork County Council

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